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1. Management of fiction and documentary film projects


Advice and strengthening of the main idea and concept, the synopsis, the script, schedule, budget, search for financing and promotion.

2. Conceptualization and script writing

Based on the communication objectives of the piece to be carried out, an in-depth investigation is carried out, an effective concept and script is proposed taking special care of the narrative and aesthetic form of each piece.

3. Audiovisual production for social, cultural, artistic and environmental projects.

After the creation of a solid concept and a well-constructed script. We are dedicated to the direction and production of the piece, this mainly covers the staging and visual design of everything that is seen on screen. We work hand in hand with a specialized team in each area of ​​audiovisual production.



1. Audiovisual training for young people


Formative process where learning takes place through creative experiences while the participant knows the dynamics of audiovisual production.

2. Workshops on audiovisual production and script writing

Workshops and advice on narrative and technical aspects based on practical exercises.

3. Workshops in assistant direction 


Guidance in assistant direction for projects under development or preproduction.



A rodar la primavera, audiovisual creation workshops for young people between 12 and 21 years. This initiative was born in 2016, after a meeting of multiple groups and companies in the House of Social and Cultural Integration of Laureles and the Ideas Laboratory of Parque Explora. After knowing this space and seeing that it had optimal spaces and equipment that were not being used, in an collaborative way an audiovisual training project was created based on the Learning-doing methodology, where young people from different places of the Aburrá Valley were involved and They were challenged to create their first short films. This pilot had very good results and for 4 and a half months, ten young people of different created their first short film called Heaven and Earth. Each of the participants assumed a role throughout the process and from this created their creative and technical proposal.


In 2017, the second version focused on creating the first version of a fiction short film script was made. Two young people aged 12 and 15 participated in this project. This workshop was held at Göra makerspace.


Between June and September 2018, with the purpose of continuing the project and continuing to explore, the BiciCine alliance, A filming spring, audiovisual creation workshops focused on the experimental realization of city symphonies emerged. These workshops were oriented at the Cultural House of Manrique (Commune 3), Göra makerspace (Commune 10) and Morada (Commune 13).

Process with third parties:

Audiovisual workshop in the framework of the training process of the Laboratory of audiovisual creation of the Moravia Cultural Development Center and the Cinemateca Municipal de Medellín (May - June 2019).

- Project Consultancy workshop in a state of development during the Cortos de Largo Alcala LAB event organized by Rara Audiovisual Collective and the Medellín Film Commission (December 4 and 5, 2018).

- Audiovisual workshop with children and youth of the community newspaper Ojo with La Sierra in the framework of Incinerante Fest (August and September 2018).

- Management assistance workshop as a return to the city activity.

- Laboratory of audiovisual creation for young people at the Lucrecio Jaramillo Restrepo Educational Institute as a return to the city activity (March and April 2018).

- Workshop of audiovisual creation for young people oriented Audiovisual Study of Guayabal (Commune 15) in the framework of the training process of the Cinemateca Municipal de Medellín and the University of Antioquia (October 2017).



Programming design, content selection and management of exhibition rights licenses with producers, distributors and sales agents




BiciCine, open air cinema management by Corporación Civiles. Mudra Films made the program for this event. Since 2018 exhibition activities are held every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. in the Plazuela San Ignacio in front of the Comfama Cloister (Medellín, Colombia).

Incinerante Fest, independent festival focused on exhibiting youth-themed content. Curatorship and programming for exhibition and training events in conventional and alternative rooms. Sinces 2018, this event takes place the last week of August in Medellín, Colombia





1ST EDITION - 2017

Incinerante Fest, Independent film festival focused on exhibiting youth-themed content which seeks to present stories of young protagonists between the ages of 12 and 21 made by directors of all ages and from different parts of the world. This project has to date three versions and is carried out in conventional and traditional places in Medellín. Its objectives are to expose diverse perspectives around youth and to talk about how the filmmakers are telling these stories. In a transversal way, it proposes an intergenerational and multicultural meeting between attendees and people from the audiovisual sector. It consists of an exhibition component (Selection of short films) and another training component called Hacé Cine (workshops, talks and conversations).

Visual identity: Atelier Blick

Contents: Mudra Films
Photos for promocional content: Matheo Andrés Agúdelo 'Afrogod'
Photo recorder: Juan Pablo Areiza

2ND EDITION - 2018

Identity visual: Atelier Blick

Contents: Mudra Films
Photos for promocional  content: Yohan López
Photo record: Yojan Valencia

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